Kamerhatun Mah. Hamalbaşı Cd. No:22, Beyoğlu, Taksim, Istanbul Turkey


At the terminus of the modern tram line the point where İstiklal Caddesi comes to an is Tunel, the old underground transportation system which connects Beyoğlu to Karaköy and gives its name to the local area. Here, different cultures and experiences are calling you in this special area. Balık Pazarı + Nevizade Sokak Historical fish market and Turkish taverns surrounding it. Durring the summer monts the taverns all bring tabels out into the street and the entire street becomes an open-air meyhane...


Since opining the doors in 1999, Babylon has become the premier live music club in İstanbul. In 2010, Babylon launched its Lounge restaurant, which is located just a street behind the main venue. They started "happy hours", warm-ups and after parties hosted by various DJs, before and after the concerts in Babylon.

Galata Tower

During the Byzantine period the Emperor Justinian had a tower erected in what was to become Galata. This tower was destroyed during the Fourth Crusade. In 1638, Hazarfen Ahmet Çelebi, is one of his many attempts to fly, strapped on a pair artificial wings and glided his way from the top of the tower to the Asian shore, thus making him the first man in history to fly and the tower very famous indeed.

Aya Andrea

Aya Andrea chapel, a small Russian Orthodox church whose green cupola can just be seen from Street lrvrl. Two other rooftop churches (Aya Panteleymoon and Aya İlya) are also in the area. Aya Andrea is only open to the public on Sundays.


A must-do list for best Istanbul experience. The several things to do in Istanbul still makes this city a hidden gem. In this amazing city, you will find unique attraction points that you can’t find anywhere else around the world. Are you ready for your uniq experience to Pera:

Taste delicious food on streets of Pera. Visit the tempels of three religions. Live on two separate mainlands in the same day. Dervishes with their sema ritual at Galata. Visit blue mosque for the best examples of Islamic architecture. Go for a crazy night out by the bosphorus. Go shopping in the oldest and largest shopping mall in the world: the grand bazaar! Climb to the historical tower that witnessed the first human flight. Swim in bosphorus in a pool and enjoy breath-taking view of europe and asia. Become a guest of Walton Gardens Pera while experiencing all this.